We offer and amazing experience for our wedding or event catering customers. Using our unique Wood-Fired Grill & Roaster known as an ‘Asador’ we can create a mouth watering menu of BIG cuts of meat, slow roasted over the embers, whole lambs or pigs, grilled whole fish, seafood and shellfish. We cook Paella and other Spanish rice dishes over the fire as well as an incredible vegetarian and vegan menu full of Wood-Fire roasted vegetables, with delicious stocks & sauces. Our smokey ‘Caldoso’ menu is full of hearty stews and pot roasts catering for meat and fish lovers as well as vegan and vegetarian diners.

We cater for all types of events, celebrations and even cooking experiences with a range of prices and bespoke menus. All of our cooking is done over fire using kiln dried logs and wood charcoals making your event a smokey, fragrant food experience never to be forgotten!

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